Consulting Support for Survivors

Thank you for your interest in my consulting services! My intention is to provide you with information, options, and personal connections about how you might choose to channel your experience navigating the journey of healing with others. I am drawing on my experience as a survivor of sexual violence who has navigated myriad healing arts, my work as a professional medical/legal advocate for survivors, a campus violence prevention educator, and my relationships built through running my own non-profit organization, The Breathe Network. I have interacted with hundreds of survivors along their unique journey of grief and resilience and provide person-centered support that meets you where you are at while making space for the many possibilities ahead of you. During my 13 years in this movement I have met educators, activists, clinicians, advocates, volunteers, survivors, parents and children of survivors, artists, filmmakers, policy experts and more, and I believe that all of these various lenses and roles within the movement are necessary and complementary.

My approach is not clinical, but rather rooted in my direct experience as a survivor, an advocate for survivors, and a yoga practitioner and instructor. I am also able and open to re-directing you to my colleagues and mentors should we decide you require different or additional expertise. 

There is a shared space of connection, presence, humility, creativity and compassion that allows us to transcend trauma – individually and collectively – and I hope to support you in discovering that within yourself so you can do the work you feel called to do in this world.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions, I look forward to working together. Please send your responses to me either in an email or you can send them as an attachment in word or pdf to

Your Name

Contact Info (phone, email)

Your Area/s of Interest - Advocacy, Activism, Volunteering, Professional Training, Holistic Healing, Other


1.   Please describe your interest in pursuing an intentional role within the anti-sexual violence movement as it relates to your own healing journey. You might consider - what may be missing from the movement that you can bring? What barriers to services have you identified and how you envision overcoming them? What insights have emerged within your own recovery that might serve the movement, survivors, educators, leaders, supporters, holistic healers or otherwise?

2.   Are you currently working with survivors, or have you in the past - whether formally or informally? What about that work empowered you, and what, if relevant was challenging to you?

3.    Do you have specific training or experience working with trauma, grief, sexual assault, interpersonal violence and recovery?

4.     In what way do you think you could best serve survivors, the larger movement, general society? 

5.     What do you hope to gain from our time working together?

6.     Do you have self-care practices in place to support and sustain you while you are working with survivors? What does your self-care practice look like? Do you seek assistance in creating a more sustainable wellness plan?

7.    Which of the following, if any, speak to you? Public speaking, event planning, relationship building, direct service, awareness raising, creative arts + activism, holistic healing, other? 

8.     Anything else you would like to share to with me?