Consulting for the Holistic Healing Arts - Individual Practitioners Form

Thank you for your interest in my consulting services! My intention is to provide you with information, awareness and feedback about the healing services you offer  - perhaps specifically to survivors of sexual violence. I am drawing on my experience as a survivor of sexual violence who has navigated myriad healing arts – acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic, EMDR, massage therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy and yoga – all to complement and facilitate my healing. I have found that the impact and “success” of the work has come through honesty, collaboration, flexibility and vulnerability from both the practitioner and myself. In addition, as a yoga instructor, a medical/legal advocate for survivors, and a prevention educator, I have interacted with hundreds of survivors along their unique journey of grief and resilience. I have also worked closely with families and significant others of survivors, their friends, communities and individuals seeking to identify their role in the movement to support this population.

My approach is not clinical, but rather rooted in my direct experience as a survivor, an advocate for survivors, and a yoga practitioner and instructor. I am able to re-direct you to my colleagues and mentors should we decide you require different or additional expertise. There is no one size fits all approach to healing and there is no one way we respond to the trauma of sexual violence, therefore truly the best teachers are the survivors with whom you work. Yet, in order to best prepare you for your work with them, and to release them from the burden of having to explain their experience to the extent it depletes them, I hope to instill you with the necessary information and confidence to care for your clients.

There is a shared space of connection, presence, humility, creativity and compassion that allows us to transcend trauma – individually and collectively – and I hope to support you in discovering that within yourself and nourishing that possibility within the individuals you serve.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions, I look forward to working together. Please send your responses to me either in an email or you can send them as an attachment in word or pdf to

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1.     Please describe your interest in working with sexual violence survivors.

2.  Are you currently working with this population, or have you in the past?

3.     Do you have specific training or experience working with trauma, grief, sexual assault, interpersonal violence and recovery?

4.     In what capacity do you intend to work with this population? (professional, volunteer, other)

5.     What do you hope to gain from our time working together?

6.     Do you have self-care practices in place to support and sustain you while you are working with trauma survivors?

7.     Anything else you would like to share?


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