Like healing, yoga is a lifelong practice, with ebbs and flows, breakthroughs and setbacks – all equally valuable and necessary, and part of the journey of our own awakening. Utilizing physical postures, breath and meditation, we learn to translate the language of our body and our heart so that they may steer us towards healing and fortify our resilience. In this space, pain and suffering can be witnessed, softened and alleviated, and we may begin to encounter the awesome experience of simply being alive.
— Molly Boeder Harris

Molly Boeder Harris is a certified yoga instructor formally trained through YogaWorks who has been studying yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2006. She is an E-RYT registered with the Yoga Alliance. Her main teaching influences include the teacher training faculty at yogaview in Chicago, with whom she studied for nearly a decade, as well as the ongoing education she receives from the students she meets in each class and the discoveries she makes within her own practice. Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, she has spent the last few years studying asana, pranayama, meditation and theory under the guidance of seasoned yoga instructor Kristin Laak, whose expansive teachings have informed the way she connects the practice of yoga to resilience and liberation, while personally revolutionizing her own healing. Molly has completed her formal training in Somatic Experiencing (SE), which is a revolutionary, naturalistic method of resolving trauma at the nervous system level designed by Dr. Peter Levine. In her Intermediate/2nd year of the training, she gained specific tools for using SE in sexual trauma recovery work and she also studied best practices in integrating trauma healing into yoga with Dr. Levine. Molly completed the supervision hours required to earn her SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) certificate in 2019. This method, with its close attention to working with the physiology of the body, enhances the resources she brings to students within the yoga practice, whether in group or private instruction. She also offers SE as a stand alone healing and resiliency building practice independent of yoga.

Molly teaches alignment-based vinyasa yoga classes, introductory level workshops, yoga for self-care workshops, as well as trauma-informed/trauma-sensitive yoga instruction for survivors of sexual violence and other forms of trauma. She has instructed classes at Niyama Yoga, Om on the Range, yogaview, The Juniper Center, Rasa Yoga Center, as well she taught in Southern Oregon University's Physical Education department and spent 6 months developing a yoga program and instructing classes for a hostel in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. She currently teaches public classes at The Bhaktishop and The People's Yoga in Portland, Oregon, while also facilitating workshops and teacher trainings in the U.S. and Canada for yoga instructors and other healing arts professionals seeking to enhance their ability to create a more trauma-informed environment in their spaces. Molly has written multiple articles on the benefits of yoga for healing, including Remembrance and Reclamation through Yoga and Transcending the Trauma of Sexual Violence with Yoga as well as an article, Freeze Leads to Survival, on how Somatic Experiencing can uniquely address the impacts of sexual trauma.  


Vinyasa Yoga - Introduction, Intermediate and All-levels inclusive

Trauma-Informed Yoga - All-levels inclusive, please contact me for more information

Somatic Experiencing Individual sessions 

Private and group instruction available for all yoga teaching


My Rates

Private Yoga Instruction 60 minutes - $125 (Sliding-scale available)

Private Yoga Instruction 90 minutes - $150 (Sliding-scale available)

Semi-Private Yoga - Please contact me for rates.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Workshops + Group Series - Please contact me for more information and workshop/series rates.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) Individual Session 60 minutes - $125 (Sliding-scale available) 


"I've practiced yoga for about a dozen years now, and Molly is easily one of my all-time favorites! I've learned so much from her over the years. She clearly teaches from a place of passion and personal experience with the practice, which shines through in her teaching. She instructs each pose with clear, detailed cues, and that has really helped me to refine my physical asana practice. Her pacing and sequencing of her classes is a perfect balance of dynamic movement and long holds. Molly also emphasizes intentional breathing and attention to the breath throughout her classes, which is an important and distinguishing factor." – Chris H.

“I love your use of the word ‘available’ as in ‘if that’s available to you today’ meaning a form of an asana that is suitable for each person’s body. This is so safe and gentle and not judgmental. I really appreciate that you don’t focus on what a pose looks like from the outside, but how it feels from the inside, and that the range that is accessible today is the correct range to work within. Your tone of voice and pacing of speech is so consistent and slow and solid. Really sets the grounded mood.”  -Geri S.

"Molly introduced me to yoga three years ago, and I have been hooked ever since, as I have found it to be an incredible source of healing and liberation. Molly is an incredible teacher, ensuring that all of her classes are trauma informed, healing, and nurturing. They have the perfect mixture of energizing poses and poses to release tension and unwind, often followed by a brief meditation. Molly always has helpful modifications and ensures that all of her classes are accessible, encouraging students to honor their own bodies and breath. With Molly’s amazing guidance and instruction, yoga has transformed many aspects of my life and given me a new relationship with my body and mind. I attended two of Molly’s 'Yoga for Survivors' series – both of which impacted my life in countless ways. Molly infuses every class with healing, but this series in particular was so healing, empowering, calming and validating. I was given yoga tools to utilize daily that help handle the stresses and triggers that come from surviving sexual violence. She utilized yoga theory to inform the survivor series classes in ways we could carry into our lives beyond the mat." - Therese V.

"I have always enjoyed the experience of a yoga class with Molly. I find her teaching to be a perfect blend of the meditation as well as physical movement. She brings a calm sense to the practice, and at the same time encourages her students to progress with their individual challenges. She is a wonderful and inspiring teacher." - Josephine M.